24 Feb 2015

Me. Right Now

I recently caught up with a friend whom I hadn't seen in awhile. As we updated each other with what was going on in our current life, she told me she was surprised how much she didn't know, considering she was a regular reader of my blog.

It got me thinking ... I share things on here about me right? ... Of course I keep some stuff offline, but I'm a happy little sharer most of the time. 

So I thought I'd share what's been going on with me lately.

I'm working. Yep, I'm back at work. Just a contract role, three days a week. I know, I said previously I had no intentions of returning back to work, but the opportunity presented itself organically, and I took it. A friend needed some help with his business doing stuff I use to do, and I was more than happy to help out.

My sister in law is due to have her first baby in March and I've volunteered .. or demanded, I throw her a baby shower. I am a bit of a party planning nazi so I've been going crazy with ideas, which results in late night researching, bossing people around and over committing myself. The theme: Diner En Banc. If you're keen to see some of the ideas you can check out the Pinterest board I created for the shower. Of course I'll share photos of the day at a later post.

I've registered for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open. The Opens is the first step to competing in the CrossFit Games. Every week for 5 weeks a workout is released, and you have 4 days to complete the workout. You are judged by another person to ensure you complete the workout correctly, so you can either complete the workout at a box (CrossFit gym) or you can record yourself and upload it online, and another registered athlete can judge your video. So all athletes who want to make it to the Games in July, will be doing the same workout as I'll be doing .... but I'll be doing the scaled version. I'm slightly .... apprehensive because I'm still so ... new to the sport, weak, need to improve on certain techniques. But I know it's all mental ... I just need to stop doubting myself and trusting my body.

Our first overseas family holiday with Kai is a little over two months away. Not only do I need to sort out his passport and other medical stuff I need for the boys, but also the trip itself. We're actually travelling with a bunch of friends and family so it's all very exciting, but I'm one of those people who likes to have a list of things to do when travelling abroad. I've dropped the ball a little this upcoming trip. I usually have a spreadsheet with a referencing map by now. I'm sure once my plate clears a little I'll be annoying my friends with suggestions. I can't wait!

I'm tired. I have a new found respect for full time working mums, you ladies must be even more exhausted. Yes I worked after I had Eli, but it's another level when there's more than one child. So much more planning and organising involved, as well as opportunities for everything to come undone. It has been a few weeks since I started working though, and we're all slowly adjusting to our new routines. 

So that's me right now.

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