3 Mar 2015

February In Review

31 Jan: I know it was in January but it missed last month's review. Last month was my sister's birthday. We celebrated it by having lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, Fratelli Fresh at Alexandria. I don't crave Italian food very often, so when I have it I hate to be disappointed. Fratelli delivers every time, the food is always fresh and delicious. They're also pretty generous with their servings. Usually when doing a banquet menu the restaurant provides enough food so each person attending gets a piece, but at Fratelli they give so much that you can have second or third portions. 

4 Feb: I returned back to casual work. 

7 Feb: Went to Wet'n'Wild in Sydney. We went for a friend's 31st birthday. It was a fun day for the kids and an experience for us adults. I haven't been to a theme park in ... years, well not since I became a mother. It sure is a different experience now. You become the designated bag minder and you become familiar with where all the toilets are in the park because those are the only queues you join. It was still a lot of fun and fortunately for us it was a little overcast (but humid) so the park wasn't as packed as people have described it to be. 

14 Feb: Valentines Day is celebrated differently once you have children. We headed into town and tried Neil Perry's Burger Project. It has gotten mixed reviews since it opened, even Ian and I disagreed on opinions. I personally loved it. It's now one of my favourite spots for a burger in Sydney. I rate it higher than Tuckshop but not as good as Mary's ... just saying. 

27 Feb: The 2015 CrossFit Opens started. The Opens is the first step in competing in the CrossFit games. Every week for 5 weeks a workout is specified, and you have 96 hours to complete the workout and submit your score online. The first week's workout wasn't too bad, however I am doing the scaled option, which gives people who can't do all the moves an alternative movement option, and or a lighter weight to complete the workout in. 

28 Feb: My sister in law's baby shower. The theme was Diner en Blanc or All White. It was a great day feasting and sharing with some amazing and hilarious women. I will share more information and photos in a future post. 

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