13 Mar 2015

Diner en Blanc Themed Baby Shower

A few weeks ago it was my sister in law's baby shower. She doesn't have any sisters, so my sister and I took it upon ourselves to plan her baby shower for her.

A few months prior we were thinking about what theme the baby shower would be, then it dawned on me ... "Why does it have to be all cutesy and all about the baby already?" When you become a parent, everything you from that point forward is about your children. Once the baby arrives there will be so many years of upcoming cutesy parties to throw, this should be a celebration of her. Her last hurrah! before her life completely changes, so cutesy was out the door and chic and celebration was in.

A remember seeing a photo from Blake Lively's baby shower. Words that sprung to my mind when I saw it were; celebration, love, sisterhood, rustic and life. I thought that's the kind of vibe my sister in law's baby shower should have. Roughly at the same time the annual Dine en Blanc dinner was held, and I was drawn to the all white theme the party is renown for. So I merged these two ideas together and an All White baby shower theme was set in motion.

The day was as beautiful as I imaged, and was one of the easiest parties I've organised to date. I think its all got to do with the people who helped me on the day. There's my sister who knows I'm particular, especially when it comes to how I do things, and I've been lucky to have a few friends who always offer to help, and knows how I operate too, so we all work so well now. I also lured some unexpectant friends of the mother to be to help on the day.

All the women wore white, except the mother to be - she can wear what she wants. There was white everywhere from the table clothes, serving trays, flowers, balloons, even the marquee was white.

Note: Apologies about the photo quality. I think someone must've changed the camera settings.

Vendor and party information:
  • Communicakeit : custom 'Baby Johns' cake topper. 
  • Cake'n'Pop : Snickers flavoured cake.
  • Balloon Elegance : 3 mega balloons with tassel decorations.
  • Pretty Up! : 10 floral mason jar centre pieces. 
  • Loomas: array of sweets and baguettes  
  • Other food: pasta, rocket and quinoa salads that various people made, father in laws famous deep fried lemon chicken, chicken skewers purchased from Coles, antipasto platter, arancini balls, and many guests decided to bring a plate of food on the day too.
  • I asked all my girlfriends to keep any glass jars they may come across several weeks in advance. I collected them and used as drinking cups on the day and used some to keep fresh flowers.
  • Drink dispenser : for fresh home made lemonaid and ice tea which, I borrowed from a friend.
  • Marquee : belonged to my in laws and proven to come handy over the years. 
  • Tables: we borrowed from people but I also purchased two bi-fold tables from Bunnings. 
  • Invitation : was created by my sister, copying an invite we liked on Pinterest and printing them onto 6x4 photo prints through Kmart's printing services.
  • White table covers: Kmart
  • Straws: local novelty party shop 
  • Tags: local novelty party shop 
If you would like to share and submit a past party you've hosted get in contact! Email me on gen.y.mum@gmail.com would love to feature your event on here! 
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