6 Mar 2015

Hot Air Balloon Themed Party

Miss S had a hot air balloon themed 1st birthday party. Her mum really love the movie "Up" and wanted to incorporate the multi coloured hot air balloon for her daughter's birthday party. The main colours she used were pink, yellow & green. 

Miss S' mum designed the invitation, thank you tags & made the bunting. She also made Miss S' outfit which was a simple onesie, iron on cupcake and the number "1". The tutu & bow with tulle was purchased from Spotlight. She also made a thumb print guestbook for guests to sign their name. 

Overall it was a fun day out in the sun as the children got to take advantage of the water park that were accessible at the park.

Party & Vendor Details
Spotlight: Miss S' DIY outfit
Discount Party Warehouse: For party supplies
Dr Professor Lollies: Sweets and lollies
Ma'Cakes: Themed cupcakes

If you would like to share and submit a past party you've hosted get in contact! Email me on gen.y.mum@gmail.com would love to feature your event on here! 
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