10 Mar 2015

5 Ways I'm Winning at Parenting

There are some days ... ok most days, I wonder how I fair as a parent. Especially as my boys grow, they present me, us with new challenges. They're no longer that small infant who did cute things, they're talking back toddlers who will do the opposite of what you say to get a reaction from you.

Despite all this, there are a few simple tasks that, when completed, gives me confidence I'm doing okay at this parenting thing. 

1. When the boys have their naps
Kai who is currently 17 months, still has two naps a day. Eli is 3.5 years old still has one nap a day. I'm pretty proud of that and makes me feel like I'm winning at being a parent. The naps play a big part in how they are for the rest of the day too. When they don't get their naps expect lots of fighting and sooking .... and the boys get upset too. Kai gets tired and cranky when he hasn't had enough rest for the day, and Eli gets ferrel in the evening if he didn't get his.

2. When the boys finish their meals
When either son finishes their whole plate of food, I feel like I'm winning at parenting. Having kids with allergies, the meal process is already difficult as you have to make sure their meals are safe but also healthy, delicious and nutritious. So when you give them something that meets all those requirements, and they eat it all up, I'm pretty stoked. Cause tomorrow I know they won't want it anymore. 

3. When I have conversations with Eli
My son amazes me with his ability to interact with adults and other children. He's not shy, he speaks up, and he's just so confident. I feel pretty proud when he's able to start and hold a conversation with an adult, I guess we're doing something right. But I really couldn't take credit for it, cause it's all him. Even this morning while I was in the bathroom I heard Eli come into our room and was looking for Ian and says to him, "Why did you disappear from my room?" (Ian fell asleep in bed with him hours prior while he was reading him a book.) I'm surprised to hear a three year old use such descriptive word.

4. The boys adore their extended family members
I use to wonder whether being at home with my kids all the time, I could be shooting myself in the foot, because they might be too dependent on me too much. But I think it has had the opposite affect. When my boys see or spend time with other people they soak it in. They love being around other people who love them. Seeing Eli cry for my parents, or ask for his aunty when she has quietly left during his nap, or miss his aunty and uncle who are overseas, asking me to skype with them, is heart warming. It actually puts my mind at ease that they're so comfortable with loved ones. 

5. When the boys are laughing
As a parent of two boys I spend a lot of time defusing ... minor fights. Mostly over ownership of objects. So when you hear them laughing together, as a pose to one laughing at the other, its beautiful, even if it only lasts for three minutes. 

What every day scenarios makes you feel like you're winning at parenting? 

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