1 May 2015

April in Review

1 Apr: We were all encouraged to make hats at home with our children to bring in for the Easter Hat Parade. Ian spent 3.5 hours making this little number due to leaving it at the last minute and no planning. It's actually difficult to create a circle of the circumference of a person's head, even after you measure it. Remember in year 9 maths when you were learning all about Pi (π) and wondered, 'When am I ever going to use this?' I now know when. When you're 33 years old trying to create a hat for your 3 year old son.

4 Apr: Attended a friend's website launch. It was so encouraging to see friends chase their dreams and do things the are passionate about. 

12 Apr: Attended The Digital Picnic's Social Media Workshop. The key learning I got from this workshop was understanding social media platform behaviours. I found it interesting understanding  and tracking user activity. You can read all about the 5 key things I learnt from the workshop here.

20 Apr: Blackstreet, 90's RnB group came into town. I grew up listening to these guys during their career peak when I was in high school, and again in the clubs in my twenties. The concert was held at a club which, use to be the place to be on a Saturday night, but has since been renamed, (several times) and lost its appeal over the years. Not that I've been to a club in years, but it was nice to be at one where I actually knew the songs being played. They didn't perform very long but hey they made it to Australia and I got to see them.

23 Apr: The boys have been really sick. They're slowly recovering from hand foot and mouth (HFM) and it was horrible. We've kept them at home quarantined to avoid spreading it to others, as can be easily transferrable to other people, even adults. I may do future post on our experience because surprisingly there isn't a lot of different information available on the condition. Even after we saw a doctor he gave us little assurance, as he didn't tell us anything we didn't already find online. My mother in law whose a midwife, called me cause she had never heard of HFM either. It hasn't been around for very long however the occurrence seems to be on the rise.

26 Apr: Got my hair done. It's been 8 months since I got a haircut and colour. I don't want short hair anymore, (one of the reasons why I haven't cut my hair for so long) so I got some layers cut through without compromising the length. Wanted a slight update so went with a little balayage colour. In my IG post I said "I'm sure I'll hate it in 2 weeks time." And yep a week later I'm already wondering why I did this to myself. I'm always uneasy when going lighter in hair colour. I think it looks great at first, then several washes in and the colour starts to fade, I start regret everything.

Can't wait for next month, actually next week! I'll be on holidays, so it may be quieter on the blog front. Follow me on Instagram @genymum cause I'll definitely be more active on there than here. 
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