10 Jul 2015

Family Dynamics

It's been awhile since I did a post about my observations of my boys. I really should document about them more, they're growing at such a rapid pace, and I created this space to capture key moments so I have something to refer to once it's all over. However this blog has shifted its focus away from being all about my boys, and more general parenting and children topics. Main reason for this decision is to minimise their presence online, but it's hard not to talk about them since I do share stories about my personal parenting experiences on here.

They boys have been a challenge these past few months. There has been the regular bouts of sicknesses being passed between each other, and the constant feuding, tantrums and screams of sooky-ness. They are playing or interacting together a lot more, hence all the fighting.

Because of this my parenting has also evolved. There's only so much refereeing I can handle before I lose my patience. All preconceived ideas of how I thought I would parent my children at this stage of their development is thrown out the window, and I'm parenting on 'whatever gets the job done' mode. I give in to the chaos and stop fighting a battle that's going to cause me more ... unnecessary ... frustration. This is parenting two boys under four, full time. It gets crazy but to stop yourself from going crazy, you got to let the crazy's think they're running the show.

He's almost four years of age. It's so cliché but time does fly. He's growing up and thrives learning new things. Every since we went to the Philippines he's always asking me to teach him new tagalog words. He's at that stage where he's asking me questions that puts me on the spot, or about things I don't even know the answers to, like "What animals have 6 legs?" or "What do seahorses eat?" 

Eli the past few months has grown to be more reliable, independent, feisty, curious, impatient, talkative and overall boyish. He does what he likes not fearing the consequences anymore as I think he's figured out they're empty threats most of the time. He's picked up a lot of ... boyish behaviours and right now we are constantly repeating rules to him ... hopefully it all sinks in soon. 

We're constantly surprised by his cognitive skills. Wanting to learn another language, his love for numbers, his knack for negotiating (to his advantage of course), and he's got great memory. He remembers things from a long time ago that I thought he wouldn't remember.

Kai is just so adorable in my eyes right now. His mannerism, his long curly locks and round face are part of the reason. Although he always wants to be around me, I still feel like our relationship is one sided because he's not very affectionate. When I ask for a kiss he either ignores my request, or does this lean head forward thing. I think he knows if he treats me mean, he keeps me keen. I remember reading how we interact with our babies they pick up as forms of communication, so I'm always kissing his cheeks hoping he'll understand it translates to something we do to each other, but nope he still plays hard to get. 

He's still not talking. He says a few words if you prompt him too, but they're the basic words all children lean. He is always babbling and singing along to The Giggle Galaxy (yeh! yeh!), Whose in the Wiggle House and Up Town Funk - in his own singing/babbling way. He instead communicates in other ways to get his message across. Like shoving his bottle to us to indicate he wants it refilled, or hands us a new nappy when he wants his current one change (yes he can tell us when he's done a number two). 

We've noticed Kai has little OCD behaviours. Like how he arranges toys and shoes in neat piles at various spots in our home and if someone moves these items he'll return it back to it's spot. Kai loves playing with toys, with a keen interest with ones that have wheels. He loves to roll them across any surface - the bed, the floor, my leg and up my arm. He even does his own little "broooom" muttering sound. 

We also think he might be left handed. I noticed it a few weeks ago but didn't mention anything, but then hubby pointed it out a few days ago.  

My boys. They keep parenting interesting, challenging and rewarding.

Have a good weekend everyone. Enjoy your little people. 
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