14 Jul 2015

My New Career

So I've been a little quiet on here lately and there's been a reason why ... I've been working on a project. Ok working on a little idea I've had for a little while. When I say a little while ... like 3 years ago, and finally I've taken the big jump of faith and went for it. 

I've started a service helping other businesses with their social media. This help comes in the form of creating a social media strategy so there's a reason or purpose to what they post online. I also offer managing business' social media presence, and a mentoring service, to help and answer question for those who want to understand, and be champions at running their own social media platforms. 

It's been an idea like I said I've had for a long time. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and to trust the timing of things. I've realised I wouldn't have been as committed as I am now if I started it back then. The motivation also comes from a better place, where as three years ago it was a reason to not go back to work. Since then I've had exposure and been able to refine my knowledge of this area, and this blog has been a stepping stone and learning block to the services I offer. Like I said things happen for a reason, and to trust the timing of things ... I've really let that belief radiate through this whole process and here I am. Launching my business this week, starting a a new job in a field that I've no formal "qualifications" in besides experience and skills I've mastered. 

This has been a humble idea and has taken a lot to get to where it is today. Of course it's mostly getting over fears, and  finding the confidence to pursue it. It's such a odd feeling when you find that thing that completely interests you, working your arse off doesn't feel like work. I feel like there's not enough time in the day to work on my business. 

I can't wait to build this little dream and see where it takes me. Even taking this first step, I already feel a sense of accomplishment and feel really proud of myself. 

So here are the business details .... 
Please check out my business site: www.followmemedia.com.au
You can also follow my business' Instagram and Twitter accounts on @followmemedia

My encouragement today is to trust in your timing ... it will come. If you've found your passion keep taking those small steps until you're ready to jump off. 

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