29 Sep 2015

Belated Happy 2nd Birthday Post

This post should've been published on the day of my son's 2nd birthday, but it wasn't finished and I don't like publishing posts I'm not 100% with.

Our recent holiday didn't give me a lot of free time to be in front of the laptop, (like as if I would rather be anyways) so now that I have finished it, I can now post it.

Happiest 2nd Birthday Kai. My baby boy, King Kai, Kai Kakes, Keks ... I have so many pet names for you. You're so adorable in my eyes that one name (or nick names) isn't enough to identify you. You need more, as you have so many layers, personalities to you.

I'm going to start by saying you've grown so fast. For me it feels like one day you're a baby and the next moment you're two years old. I wish I can slow your growth down, so I can appreciate and enjoy you at this stage of your life more. I feel guilty at times cause I know the kind of attention, care and priority you receive isn't equal.

You're quiet but communicate loudly in your way. You get hurt a lot, but you're hardly ever phased, or you stand up for yourself. You're demanding, always wanting it your way, but you're so sweet, so loving, and loyal.

You're defensive and don't back down from a fight. You love to laugh and make others laugh too. Right now you trains, The Wiggles and are drawn to animals. You're not afraid of them, you'll chase a dirty cockroach if you see one. You're much bigger than your older brother at his stage, so you're wearing (and out growing) so much of his hand me down's already. You pull the funniest faces, like your "beautiful eyes" and "gigil face" - they crack everyone up. You're a baby version of your dad. You look just like him in every way, even the long hair ... this is probably why I just want to squish you whenever I hold you. 

We love you so much Kai, you're so unpredictable and difficult at times, but we wouldn't want you to be any other way. You make our parenting life ... interesting, but you'll always be my baby boy. 

May you continue to thrive, be alway in perfect health, and be watched over. Happy birthday son. 

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