27 Sep 2015

Post Holiday Blues

We arrived back from Hawaii on Thursday evening. Arrived back to the cold and wet weather of Sydney, so of course I was missing Hawaii instantly. I remember just complaining about how cold it was the whole car ride home. I really despise the cold. 

What I love about holiday's is obviously spending time away my family, but for a blogger it's the content possibilities! I can't wait to recommend places we saw, things we did and share our experience with traveling overseas with two kids under five - I'll get to publishing those posts in due time. 

One thing I can definitely state about traveling with two kids so young, is there isn't a lot of alone time for yourself. All the content I'm talking about is currently in my head, as I didn't get the luxury of writing down. In the past I could find the time to myself for an hour or two and draft up a post on paper, or write something down during the many hours on the plane ride, but this time around there's just no time to yourself. There's always a kid allocated to you, and if you do get some reprieve from a child it's probably to do something important without a kid in your way. 

Anyways, that's probably the main difference I noticed during this trip. Yes we only travelled overseas a few months ago with both kids as well, but I don't know, maybe because their a little older, their personalities and interests have changed - they were so much more demanding this trip. 

Regardless, we had a great time. Beach, sun, family, friends and good food it always a great time! In the meantime here are a few holiday snaps. 
Arriving at Honolulu airport with little sleep during the 9 hour flight, and waiting for the rest of my family to arrive.

At the beautiful location of our friend's wedding

Big Island!! I think this is where I want to grow old at. So much more laid back and relaxing on this island.

I just had to post this photo because look at my shoulders and arms!! Yaas! I'm not one to really show off, but I know I can be hard on myself about my fitness. Seeing this photo surprised and encouraged me.

 Entrance to Lava Tubes

Kilauea Iki Hike to the base of the crater ... amazing!

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