27 Nov 2011

Holiday Withdrawals

I'm dying to go on a holiday. Prior to falling pregnant my husband and I travelled as much as we possibly could. No we haven't seen the whole world but lucky to have traveled to several countries and was hoping to tick a few more off before babies came into the picture.

We didn't really "plan" a holiday way in advance either, there was usually a trigger. Either the realisation it has been a while since we've ridden on a plane, or cheap / discounted air fares we couldn't pass on and or tax refund time. We were spontaneous and open to traveling to any part of the world - I miss that.

Twelve months ago Ian and I agreed a big Europe would be on the cards August 2011, instead we had a baby.

I know, I know you can still travel with children, but c'mon it's not the same. You can't experience certain things with babies or children. You can't go check out a local hot spot that doesn't open until 10pm, you can't ride mopeds through the dirt roads of Santorini, your child won't have the stamina or interest to walk around museums and sights all day. Then there's the safety factor that you need to consider, you are completely responsible for the safety and well being of your child in a foreign country. How do you enjoy yourself as well as be 100% on the look out for any potential danger that poses your family? I struggle now to watch over my personal belongs when on holidays what more with a human being.

Also now money plays a big factor. Before I wouldn't really care about much I spent while on holiday's because to me it was all part of the memory / experience of the holiday. Don't get me wrong we never flew business or first class, we used the cheapest mode of transport to get from point A to B and we stayed in comfortable clean hotels. But the experiences and adventures completed while on holidays ... well I never put a budget on it. If it can't be done, seen or purchased in Australia then it's well worth it.

Am I just being a sook? Am I selfish? Should I just get over it. It bugs me considerably I guess cause as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to do is travel, travel, travel. See as the whole world before I was committed to something that would prevent me from being able to travel ... freely and spontaneously.

We're thinking of going to Europe next year though. I'm in two minds as to whether we should or just wait until Eli is a little older. I would hate to travel so far and do so little because an attraction don't allow toddlers or he becomes really sick and we're stuck inside a hotel the whole time. I guess we just got to wait and see what his personality / temperament is like before we make a decision about travelling with him.
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