11 Nov 2011

Hello Blogger .... Again

I should've started this 3 months ago ... maybe even while I was pregnant. Some place to jot down my random thoughts and emotions of being a mum. Obviously being a first time mother is very exiting, scarey and challenging but I think why I feel the need to start this blog is because I am the epitome of the "gen-y" generation. I loved my life prior to being a mum and I'm still coming to terms with the changes in my life since giving birth .. since finding out I was pregnant.   

So a little background about me ... Presently I'm 29 years old, asian woman living in Sydney Australia. I got married in January 2009 to my high school sweet heart. We enjoyed a lifestyle of traveling frequently, living 10 minutes away from our jobs in town, purchasing whatever toys and possessions we thought we needed and filled our nights with socialising with friends. Although it seemed we lived for the moment we try and be savvy with our money by owning two investment properties and we maintained high profile job titles earning above average for our age and work caliber.

In November 2010 we found out I was pregnant ... from that point onwards our world would change. I was not entitled to paid maternity leave through my employer therefore could not afford to pay two mortgages and rent, so we decided to move back out west with my family. Our 10 minutes bus ride has been exchanged for 1.5 hours commute one way. We needed to sell one place so to lighten the load financially and potentially use the profit to purchase a home for our growing family. My desire to travel to Europe in 2011 has now been postponed. 

In July 2011 I gave birth to our first son, Eli. My labor lasted only 25 minutes, with no drugs or stitches however my baby weighed only 3.005kg and 48cm long. Although my pregnancy and delivery was easy the post arrival of the baby is the most difficult part.

I guess that's a quick over view detailing information about me and the background which set the scene for this blog. Hopefully I write in it frequently as I tend to neglect blogs I start.
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