8 Jan 2012

Today is The Day

I'm in the first week of another cycle of P90X. This isn't my first time doing this workout .. actually I was in the middle of it before I found out I was pregnant. During that time I noticed great results in terms of body toning and a bit of weight loss.

I was doing it a month after I gave birth and finished the lean workout schedule but wasn't really committed or sticking to the worksheet. So time I am doing the classic workout schedule, I'm going to workout everyday, I'm going to monitor my progress AND I'm going to watch what I eat.

They say the success to losing weight is 70% diet and that's where I've been slacking off. It is harder to stick to a diet at home. When mum cooks a big hearty meal for the family I feel bad turning it down. Also when you're not doing the groceries run you can't control what foods are in the pantry therefore impacts my ability to stick to a diet.

So starting today I plan to eat better and potentially stick to a nutritiously balanced diet. No matter how tired or how late it is I will go out and get whatever food or ingredients I need to make my healthy meal.

When I'm feeling unmotivated to work out I will log online and look at websites like beach body or YouTube to view other people's before and after pictures/videos to inspire me to keep going. 
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