21 Jan 2013

First Week as a SAHM

You'd think I'd have so much more time to blog since I'm no longer working, (this seems to be a recurring statement / excuse) but surprisingly being a stay at home mum you're not left with a lot of free time to yourself.

I saw an article one of my friends on facebook posted called 'Why don't parents with kids have time'. The article is a response from the author in regards to the question stated in the title. I'm sure most parents will relate to some or all parts of the article as I could relate to wanting to be alone with my thoughts the first 10 minutes I get to myself. That time I usually put my feet up, unwind to some adult television program and give ABC4Kids a break.

Anyways this first week alone with Eli was valuable and a discovery about my son and staying at home life. This week I've also started to put him into a routine, something we couldn't commit to while working and living with family. I've got him eating three meals a day which I knew he wasn't doing before. At home I've tested the boundaries of his allergies and yep he's still allergic to most of the items he's not aloud to eat. Being at home I've been able to monitor his skin and keep it considerably clear and healthy. He's so much more responsive and more and more of his personality is starting to show. He copies behaviors he notices I do and does it back to me. He's a little chatter box he's always up for a conversation and he does get frustrated when you don't understand what he's trying to say. 

He's at that stage where he does "naughty" things and it's up to me to help him understand good from bad. He's expanding his vocabulary and can ask for things and I'm trying to teach him 'please', 'thank you' and 'sorry'. His learning and creativity is totally up to me and how much time and effort I put into his nurturing as I've come to realise for now I am his teacher.

Being at home I feel I must keep a well maintained home which when I was working I did the best I could with the limited time, but being at home there's no excuse ... right? or is it just me and my high expectations? I find myself doing some form of cleaning everyday, running errands and cooking a home meal every night, something I don't mind and was one of my goals this year.

As I friend who is unemployed said 'even though you are at home you do find something to keep you busy all day'.
This week is Ian and I's 4 years anniversary and another long weekend trip away with friends so it's another busy week of pre planning and celebrations.
Hope you all have a great week.   
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