6 Feb 2013

Four Year Anniversary

Last week was Ian and I's four year wedding anniversary. Like every year we spent the day pampering ourselves and then treating ourselves to a fancy shmancy dinner. Ian also surprised me with some lovely T&C pearl ear rings and necklace. I felt horrible cause I didn't get him a gift. Sucks not working in town and having lunch breaks to peruse the many retail stores in town. 

We got massages done at Endota Spa at Crows Nest, recommended by a friend. Afterwards we walked around our old neighborhood and saw how much it had change in the twenty months since we last lived there. We even checked out this new burger joint called Moo Gourmet Burgers. Burgers were pretty good especially their onion rings but probably not the best idea to have burgers two hours shy of our dinner booking. 

For dinner I was able to get a booking at Momofuku Seiobo. I didn't realise it was a degustation meal so we were very pleased to learn we were going to have twelve courses of food. 

Smoked eel with frozen apple

Ian enjoying the steamed bun and pork belly

Striped trumpeter celery and mustard

Potato caviar and chicken tail

Beef with radish, fermented black bean

 Tongue with black garlic and zucchini

  Squab with eggplant and cherry

 Marron with broccoli and lemon

 Congee with ham and yolk

 Blackcurrant and mint curd

Raspberry and cucumber sorbet 

 Pineapple with lime and sesame

 Honey beef shoulder

Happy 4 Years my Sweetheart. I love you and love sharing this life with you, I don't know how I could have faced or experienced this life without you. You complete me and because of you I am a better person today. Thank you for being my bestest friend and biggest supporter, know that I hang on to your ever advice, word and approval, that is why your opinion means (and at times hurts) so much. Thank you for never changing despite me at times trying to change you. Thank you for our son, being an awesome father and provider. To our forever ... I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds our future, I love you.

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