25 Feb 2013

Social Media

I've decided to open a Pinterest and Twitter account.

I had avoided these other forms of social media mediums as I felt I had no need for them. Twitter, well I barely post "updates" on Facebook so I doubt I would be inclined to do so on another forum. Pinterest, I didn't really think the concept was ... interesting enough for me to sign up despite the craze it had created online and amongst friends.

Regardless, late one night last week I set up an account for both and I found the process very ...  intrusive. For both Pinterest and Twitter, post creating an account I had to link with someone. What if I just wanted to create an account with the intention of keeping it private? During the account creation process on Twitter you're asked to follow someone and forced to follow a minimum number of people before account creation is complete. They have suggested  celebrities for you based on your interest but again what if I don't want to see what Helen has to say and would rather just follow my real friends? 

On Pinterest they also suggest people to follow based on your interests then force you to pin stuff on your wall ... why? 

I actually thought I didn't successfully create either accounts because I was feeling so forced into actioning things, that I stopped. However I soon received emails that I had my own followers so I guess my accounts were created.

During the past few days when I have a few minutes, I have been surfing around on Pinterest. I've come to the conclusion that the tool fuels you're urge to spend money. As I created boards, liked and repined things that I liked all I wanted to do was buy that dress, desire to go on a holiday (something we shouldn't consider now), decorate the home with cute stuff when we don't even have key furniture pieces yet and shop for a whole winter wardrobe for Eli ... it's not inspiring me it's making me want to buy stuff that I may not necessarily need.

Yes there are other categories that may not stir the pockets like Architecture, Science and Humor but they're categories that I don't particularly like and looking through the things people I follow pin and like I guess they don't either.

Anyways that's my rant ... now I'm going to shop online for some A1 size photo frames to decorate in my home.

Feel free to follow me
Pinterest: campints
Twitter: campints
Trying to come up with usernames that haven't been already taken was another reason why the process was so tedious.

Happy Monday!

Do you have a Twitter or Pinterest account, let me know I'll follow you

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