2 Feb 2013

Go get your flu shot

Last weekend was our little long weekend getaway with my old basketball team, The Juggernauts. That's right, we had a pretty awesome team name and we were a pretty awesome team too. 

We went north of Sydney about 1.5hrs away, near Gosford staying two streets away from the lovely Avoca beach. The property was this cosy three story home big enough to cater for the 11 adults and 2 children who was staying there fore the weekend. 

The Saturday was hot although became overcast by 1pm but stayed relatively humid. I'm actually still sun burnt from Saturday despite putting on sunscreen and staying under our beach tent most of the time. The Sunday and Monday however the weather had turned. It was miserable, constantly rained, windy and so many parts of the country was bracing for the worst. 

By Sunday Eli had developed gastro for the first time. His stools were runny, yellow and disgusting! However he didn't seem to be bothered by it. He wasn't upset, moody or acting different while he was going through it.
Monday afternoon we returned back home. I remember walking through the front door, unloading a few items, taking a shower and going to bed around 3ish and waking up at 7:30pm - I was that knackered. 

The next day I had a cough, fever, the flu and a little guy with gastro to look after. My body ached. I remember waking up and feeling weak at the joints of my knees like I had been running on it really hard the day before. My back felt sore making it hard to lift Eli when I needed to. I felt so nauseous and light headed that I limited all movement. It got to the point where I had to call my mum to cook me some food and help watch over Eli while I rested. Mum's are the best and so is their cooking! 

By Wednesday I had picked up Eli's gastro. Worst experience ever! I never knew I could go to the toilet so much. The consistency, the amount (considering I'd barely eaten), the smell, the burn - I had not known such torture existed. I then became very conscious of passing it on to other people so I washed my hands after I've touched something slightly grimy and I refused to handle food.

On Thursday went to the doctors got some drugs and its now under control. I also learnt that day 3 other people who went away with us last weekend also experienced the same serve episode as I did. Same symptoms and experiences, apparently a bug is doing the rounds. A doctor one of the girls saw said it's probably a mutation of the super bug that hit last year and another wave is expected this winter. 

After going through the mini hell I had this week, (child birth was less of a torture) I strongly suggest getting your flu shots done prior to the arrival of the winter months. Yes, its true getting the flu shot wont mean you're 100% immune from getting the flu however it decreases your chances if you take a form of vaccine. Also wash your hands and your children's hands as much as you possibly can, you just don't know where they've been. 

Funny and disgusting story (you have been warned). This week Eli was on the floor saying "poo poo hmmm." He knows and can now tell us when he's done one. He's scratching his bum so I stop him by grabbing his hand away. I wash his hands thoroughly first before I change his diaper so that his hands we clean. After I changed him I took him to bed. While in bed I could smell something I turned to look at him and he's got sh!t squished through his fingers. I freak out thinking he's done another one and has managed to get his hand right in there this time. I wash his hands (for several minutes) again and attempt to change his nappy but there's nothing in there. Where the hell did that sh!t come from I'm still yet to figure it out.

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