20 May 2014

Carer's Leave Guilt

The last few days my one or both my boys have required some form of medical attention. It's that season of the year, winter has set in, the temperature has dropped and their young bodies are being exposed to germs they have never been exposed to before so I'm not overly worried.

Of course I don't like my children being unwell but understand its part of their development and probably best they get some exposure to germies to build up their immune system. I want them to have strong immune systems not only because they have allergies, but I'd prefer them to be sick now while I am completely at home to care for them.

This is probably one of the best parts of being at home. Being able to nurse my children back to perfect health without the guilt or worry of having to explain it to an employer. 

I remember when I returned to work after having Eli and after he's had an allergic episode deciding who between Ian and I would stay home to look after him, and usually it was Ian. There was always a meeting I couldn't miss or deadline I had to meet. Plus the guilt I felt taking a day off because I only worked four days. 

And I had one of those bosses ... female, intelligent, successful ... and childless. She managed a large team but I was her first ever pregnant employee. She was fair but work, her projects were her baby. I remember asking if I could work from home one day cause I had a doctors appointment for Eli that morning, and her response to my request was, "Can't your mum take him?" ... Um ... he's my son I'd like to take him. 

There's a lot about working I miss .. ok mostly the financial reason. But when my child is sick and my attention is completely on how to nurse him back to good health and not divided by thoughts of how I'm going to catch up on a missed work day, I feel good and at peace about being at home. 

What do you feel guilty about or struggle to balance being a working parent? 
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