6 May 2014

Sleep Training 5 & 6

Sorry this post is so long over due.

This is a continuation from my post on sleep training Kai. If you want to know how our first couple of days went you can read about it here.

Thursday, 3rd April
2:30 He woke up, I breastfed him then returned him into his cot.
4:30 Woke up to the sound of him whimpering. I decided to just give him the dummy and turn his mobile on. He didn't go back to sleep but quietly rolled around his cot.
6:08 He not asleep decided to breastfed him. Changed his nappy and returned him back into his cot.
7:00 He's finally asleep. However I know I'd have to wake him up at 8am because we had to drop Eli off to childcare and Kai at my parents place.
11:30 I returned back to my parents place and was told he barely slept probably only between 10:10 - 10:40. I let my parents dictate what kind of schedule (if any) while Kai is with them. I've learnt over the years that giving instructions to grandparents goes in one ear and out the other. They don't listen either because they think they know better and they're big softies who can't say no to their grand children. So I've learnt to just accept as long as they're fed on time, clean and happy then I should be happy too. I might add the boys love going to the grandparents place cause they get lots of love, toys and have full rain of the house.
13:20 Breastfed him.
13:40 He fell asleep.
15:15 He woke up.
18:00 Started night time routine.
18:15 He's finally asleep.
19:00 Was woken up by noise. Went into the bedroom and hand settled him.
19:15 He returned back to sleep.
23:55 He woke up so I breastfed him.

Friday, 4th April
8:30 He woke up. I fed him and commenced day time routine. Which consists of serving of solid food, play time, read a book, some cuddles and into his cot providing only controlled comforting when he's upset. 
10:00 Put him into his cot for him to have his morning nap. 
11:30 Went to check up on him and found him awake quietly in his cot. Not sure how long he had been awake for. Took him out and started a round of his day time routine.
12:30 Put him in his cot for his afternoon nap.
12:45 He's asleep
15:30 He wakes up. I fed him and start a round of his day time routine.
17:00 Commence night time routine. Which consists of breastfed, a serving of solid food, a bath, read a book, cuddles then into his cot. Again only providing controlled comforting where leave the room and return back to comfort him after a few minutes. Extending the time each time we return into the room. 
17:30 He's asleep.
18:30 He is wakes up and hand comfort him for a few minutes. I turn mobile on and walk away and he returns back to sleep within minutes.
23:00 He wakes up so I fed him.

Since adopting a routine there's been a few things I've realised: 
  • Kai can roll over and commando crawl. At his four month immunisation the doctor asked us if he was rolling yet. We said no and yes all babies hit milestones at different times but he's over 7 months and was beginning to wonder when he was going to start rolling. When given the opportunity he's been able to master this skill. We've also noticed he can commando crawl towards an object .. when he pleases. If its too far or too hard he cries and gives up. 
  • He actually prefers to sleep on his side. About 80% of the time I've checked up on him after he had fallen asleep I found him asleep on his side. 
  • Noticed now when we are out during the day Kai barely sleeps if he sleeps at all, as I'm assuming he's accustomed to sleeping in his cot now. Only time he does sleep would be in the car or in our arms and only after he's been awake for hours. This also means now I avoid going out with him and try not to do so in consecutive days so that I don't interrupt his routine for too long. Before I use to hate being home all week then all weekend with the kids now I prefer it for Kai's sake. 
  • Kai is sensitive to noise so when he does sleep we have to close the bedroom door to stop him from waking up to any loud noise. Sometimes even the sound of Eli's voice wakes him up.
  • Routine is key and I now realise why I didn't see some parents who had "routines" for months.  I now prefer to go out during the day instead of nights, I take Kai and Eli's sleeping timetables into consideration planning a day out; and if people are over I commit to getting the boys their naps or into bed at their usual times. Life for everyone is easier when everyone is sleeping well. It's a small sacrifice for big gains.  
In my opinion we're still learning and tackling this hurdle. Some days we can put him in his cot and he'll fall asleep within minutes others it can take up to an hour for him to fall asleep. As a friend pointed out as long as he's falling asleep unassisted then I guess its progress. As for us parents we've also seen an improvement in our environment. I'm getting much more sleep, we have more time to ourselves since they're sleeping earlier and better and I feel like I've got the house under control again. So that was our sleep training journey. 

Any recommendations on how to get him to fall asleep unassisted quicker? Or how to help him fall asleep when we're out?
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