23 May 2014

Eight & Thirty Four

Yesterday Kai turned 8 months and in a week Eli will be two months shy of his 3rd birthday. These boys are definitely keeping me busy as I face new challenges as they develop and change.

Eli probably takes the cake right now. He's growing at such a rapid state now and I'm just trying to accept it and catch up with him. He doesn't stop talking, which is wonderful but I'm not naturally a "talker". I remember someone describe me as "quiet" in a unflattering manner, and it's relatively correct.

But since having children I feel like I'm narrating my life. Every action, every decision and every thought is verbally said out loud. Then there's the negotiations, the compromising, the explanations and the begging. Eli is one curious chatter box.

Eli changes his mind every minute. He'll say he wants cereal first, then after I've made it say he wants porridge instead. And after the porridge has cooled down so he can eat it he'll say he wants toast. He's probably laughing inside cause I'm the puppet who gives in to all the requests.

He's started Kindermusic to harness that great ear he has for rhythm and sound. I know the teacher is pretty impressed at how coordinated and well he takes in instruction - so am I! I'm very proud at how musically inclined he is.

Another positive is his increase in appetite. He's still a grazer, but he seems to ask for a range of foods more frequently. Eli requesting for any food is music to my ears, hence why I give in to all his bossy food requests.

He's had his first stitch. He ran and tripped, hitting his head against the corner of a wall, splitting his eyebrow open. Again he scared us to death as we raced to the emergency room. The cut was so deep it required stitches but he could only brave one so it had to do.

Eli's still a little mean to his younger brother. Eli attempts to take toys off Kai's hands, he pushes Kai away when he's close and he plays rough with Kai even when we remind him he's still a baby. But then he'll surprise us when I can hear him comforting Kai when he's crying in the backseat of the car or randomly attempt to make Kai laugh.

Eli's personality is definitely changing. He's not that infant that goes to anyone without hesitation, that toddler who obeys whatever mum and dad says. He challenges, talks back and not afraid to test the boundaries.

Kai has also changed these past few weeks. He's awake a little longer between naps and he seems more alert and smiley too. He's more mobile but surprisingly does not seem to demand our up most attention as he is content to entertain himself. He crawls from one side of the mat to the other, rolls around the house when he's in the walker, he's quiet but confident.

Kai thrives in a regular routine so I try to stick to his as much as possible. He sleeps so much better now although last few nights he's been waking up and even after a feed and change he's still unsettled. 

He's a big eater. I'm surprising he can finished the food I prepare for him cause I'm pretty generous. But unfortunately he's got allergies too. He's allergic to cows milk and eggs which I've been avoiding in my diet for about two months now but the results aren't consistent. He still has break outs so I've decided to only breastfeed at night and first thin in the mornings now.

I'm loving that I can have conversations (debates) with Eli. The stuff the comes out of his mouth surprises me. From the random bursts of words that has us wondering 'was that a swear word?' to the words of encouragement I'm surprised he picked up. I have to be careful what I say and promise him cause he remembers now. I can also instruct him more too, so he's been very helpful around the house. He can grab things fro me in the other room, get him to take his dirty clothes into the laundry, throw rubbish in the bin and pick up his toys. He'll be mowing the grass in no time ... 

I'm wanting time to slow down with Kai. I feel like because my time with him is divided I'm not getting the chance to enjoy him. I also feel I had to treat him like an infant a lot longer because of his sleep training issues. That took up so much time to address and he's finally in a better mood because he's sleeping better.

These boys know how to play me like a fiddle. They definitely have me wrapped around their fingers and keep me on my toes. I love them.
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