2 Jun 2015

May in Review

It's that time of the month .... a little review of my Insta snaps. Of course this month has comprised of lots of snaps from my recent holiday.

5/05 We stayed a few nights at a beautiful island off Manila called Boracay. This was my family's first time there. I had a few ideas of how this place and what our experience would be. I pictured it a smaller island of mostly hotels and vendors are on it. I pictured it semi secluded and able to walk around the whole island over a couple of hours. I was slightly off. The island is actually quite big with a bustling metropolitan. I'm definitely glad its a place we finally visited, but I think I wouldn't prefer to go there again. Now that I'm a little older, with a young family, I prefer island getaways that are a little less crowded. Speaking to friends about my thoughts on my first time Boracay trip they all seem to agree, and say Boracay isn't a secret anymore and more and more tourist are flocking to this beautiful island. Philippines have over a thousand islands and most of them look like Boracay so next time I'll search for one that isn't as ... busy. 

11/05 Henann Garden Resort is where we stayed at Boracay. I'll post a review of this place soon. Overall its a lovely resort, family friendly and close to the Boracay strip of retailers and vendors.

12/05: Stayed at The Ascott for a few nights during our stay at Makati. You can read my review of this place here.

15/05: On the way to hubby's family and we stopped by a place called Kamay Ni Hesus (translates to Hand of Jesus) in Lucban Quezon. A fifty foot statue of Christ is situated on top of a hill, and to reach one has to climb 300+ steps. Many pilgrimers also come here to attend the church's regular healing service.

16/05: Visited another church, Luban Church. It was a beautiful piece of architecture. What I actually enjoy about traveling is seeing history. I love visiting monuments and seeing architecture that has stood the test of time. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this church, seeing the structure up close and admiring the intricate images depicted on its walls. I took in its history and even thought the greenery growing on the outside walls was simply beautiful. 

16/05: Visiting and meeting family was definitely a highlight during this trip. I got to meet Ian's family for the first and they are so lovely. The hospitality, the thoughtfulness, the generosity, and love you feel from them, there are no words. They loved the boys and I know they won't forget the family they met during this trip. 
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