22 Feb 2012

Meetings & Motherhood

I'm writing this post whilst on the bus, via my iPhone (which is on 8% battery life) trying to make it on time to my 8am meeting. Firstly, I will never agree to an 8am meeting again. Why for a number of reasons 
  1. I live roughly an hour away from the city now so the commute is longer then when I was living in Crowie. And when I say it takes an hour to get into town, this is assuming there is no traffic. 
  2. Trying I get up early with a seven month old baby is physically challenging as I can't predict how well he did or didn't sleep the night before. 
  3. I hardly get any sleep as it is. So when I woke up at 6.14am this morning realising I should have woken up an hour and 14mins ago I quickly put on what I could find, slapped I some make up and ran out the door. I briefly saw my reflection on the bus this morning and I look like I just woke up.  
In my books looking like I didn't "make an effort" is considered unacceptable. I recall meeting up with SD for lunch one day after she returned to work from her maternity leave. I remember she looked tired, frazzled and "mumsie". I thought to myself at that time 'when I have kids I wont look like that. I'm still going to care about how I look before I step out of the house'. I think it's not that she wasn't trying she just had a million and one things to do for everyone else and had no time for herself. 
Well that's how I feel. There were still a million and one things I could have done before I left the house this morning. Tasks ensuring the household is prepared for tomorrow's challenges. It's a juggling act, physically draining and at times unguided but I guess you just have to suck it up and do it. 
They say motherhood is one of the most challenging tasks in life. They weren't wrong. I believe the reason why woman (most) are natural multi taskers. It an inbuilt trait you're going to need when you start a family. 
It's 7.38am and we're crossing the bridge. Maybe I will make it on time to my 8am meeting after all. Two more work days until the weekend.
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