1 Mar 2012

7 Months Today

It was little jing jing’s 7 month old celebrations yesterday. I really wish I could keep him as a baby forever. I wish babies remained this cute and perfect for a longer period of time. He’ll be talking back to me and getting married before I know it. I’m going to miss this precious and innocent season of their lives.

Another reason why I don’t want him to grow up is the older he gets the more mobile he becomes therefore exposing him to more dangerous and threats that is out there in the world. I know we can’t hide our children and I want him to live his life to the fullest I just fear for his safety especially when I’m not around. I worry about those who would want to harm him and I hope he doesn’t make regrettable mistakes.

I know I can’t avoid all these things but I hope to equip him to face these challenges in life. Equip him in ways I don’t think I was equipped to do so. Yes my parents implemented a nurturing and stable unbringing but there were so many unspoken conversations. Actually we didn’t really talk about things when I was growing up so I met certain cross roads or experiences with fear of the unknown

I plan to constantly talk to my children. Talk to them so they aren’t afraid to talk to me about anything. I want them to feel comfortable to discuss any topic, safe to share their options and open to tell me their experience.

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