21 Mar 2012


I’ve decided to wean bubs off breast milk. I’m making this decision because I’m finding expressing at work annoying, time consuming and kinda embarrassing. I think the whole floor knows why I keep running to the first aid room two times a day. 

Last few days I’ve been reading up on how to do it so it’s comfortable and for me and Eli and I think the reason why he could be acting the way he is lately is because I am weaning. We’ve noticed when Ian and I are around he seems needy constantly wanting our attention, he isn’t sleeping well and his cries are different. These are some of the signs that maybe Eli isn’t ready for weaning. I know he’s taking the formula milk a lot better now. I guess cause he’s come to realise its either the formula milk or nothing else and he's eating solids more often too.

Another reason why I want to stop breast feeding is so I’ve slowly achieved it weeks or months before we leave for our holiday instead of forcing it when we are gone. I also don’t want to be carrying a pump with me on holidays going through the emotions of weaning while overseas.

Another interesting fact I discovered while doing some research is typically woman might feel a sense of sadness or distress and mood change during or after weaning has occurred. The reason is because our bodies stop producing prolactin which is a hormone that keeps you calm and relaxed. This probably explains why I have been so easy going and relaxed since the birth of Eli. Here I was thinking his birth has given me some peace and a new attitude towards things but the reality is I’m high on hormones. I’m worried about the affects on my behaviour once the affects fade away.

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