10 Mar 2012

Mum Versus Mum

Today Eli had another allergic reaction to formula milk. Why do I say another because two days ago he experienced this already.  We decided to change formula milk brands. Why? Cause we noticed the current brand of milk we were feeding him he wasn't particularly finishing and noticed he would actually pull away as if he is refusing to drink it.

So we went from Nan and tried the Bellamy organic formula. He had a severe reaction causing him to throw up and break out in a rash which eventually turned into hives. It was a scary experience and I felt helpless watching this tiny little person go through this uncomfortable and painful experience.

We eventually got it under control by giving him half a dose of antihistamine, lots of cuddles and back to breast milk. We were also told by the doctors that he needs to come back and do an allergy test so we can assess what he is allergic to, but in the mean time give him as much breast milk or use previous brand of formula since there was no reaction.

Yesterday I come home and my mother had purchased a can of S-26 branded formula milk. She kept insisting that this brand is much better for Eli  because she used it with my sister when she was a baby. I felt obligated to use it because she had purchased the formula already and felt the pressure to give it to him.

Unfortunately Eli also reacted the same way to this brand of milk as he did with Bellamy. Again he projectile vomited everywhere and broke out in a rash and hives. Again I felt scared and worried and sorry for my baby.

I need to stop doing things because older mothers tells me or pressures me into doing things. I should just listen to my baby and to my instincts about situations. If I don't feel comfortable I shouldn't do it. I put Eli at risk because of my fear of saying no. I need to step up, stand my ground and be able to decline suggestions I instinctively feel isn't right. 

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