22 Jun 2012

The Changing World of Business

I've come to realise the growing number of people I know who are starting businesses online either through the form of an online store or blogging with the view to market and get paid to say wonderful things about other companies products. 

Just this week a major media company announced it will be changing its manufacturing and distribution to reflect the changing landscape of how people want its product.

The internet has allowed people to start companies with little capital and with hard work and persistence grow their small idea into one of the major competitors in their field. 

All of this obviously gets me thinking about me and my "brilliant idea" ... or at least wonder when it will come intuition. 

I thought I wanted to start a dessert table company but everyone is doing it now. It has turned me off / scared me into pursuing it. I also realised it requires a fair amount of out lay initially which unless you have paying customers then it does hit the pocket considerably, something I can't afford now with a baby. I guess I feel a sense of envy and urgency to get my sh!t together and seriously start something ... anything!! 
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