4 Sep 2013

35 Weeks

  • Completed the rescans suggested at 22 weeks. The sonographer took lots of scans and reviewed area requested by our midwife however when we received the report from the scans it did not have any information on baby's kidney's. Apparently a sonogrpaher completes the scan and a separate person (a doctor) reviews and completes the reports. Our midwife needs to contact the place we got our scan done and get the doctor to contact her to confirm whether there was no information on the kidney because everything's fine or it was missed. So still a waiting game.  
  • Despite not getting the information we needed, we did however get up to date measurements of the little man. Looks like his current measurements are considered in the 90 percentile for average babies. That's great to hear that he is growing considerably well despite his unknown kidney issues. As of last week he's already 2.8kg, Eli weighed 3.01kg when he was born and I still have another 3 weeks until full term ... not looking forward to pushing this chubba babba out. 
  • Each week I'm feeling more and more bigger and more and more uncomfortable. Started feeling some pain again around my belly Monday morning. I'd describe it as the pain experienced when you've eaten something bad but not the 'I need to go to the loo' pain.
  • Leg cramps that wake me up from sleep at night. I don't get them on my calfs but at the mussels at back and side of my legs. I've never had those mussel groups cramp up ever before, its weird and obviously very painful. I think I need to start wearing my compression socks again.
  • My overall gut feeling is I think I'm going to have this baby soon or at least way earlier than my expected due date. Why, just symptoms I'm noticing about my body such the constant lower back pain, my body's need to constantly empty out my bowels - like after every time I put something in my mouth, tiredness and I keep getting that cold shivers feeling despite the warm summer like temperatures Sydney has had the past several days. 
  • Although we didn't get the information we needed from the scans we discussed worst case possible results and scenarios relating to baby's kidney's, what this means and what would be the next steps. Mostly likely because so many variables have resulted in inconsistent results, we will need to get baby's kidney's x-rayed post birth. Worst case scenario is baby's kidney's aren't functioning properly and he'll need an operation, preferred case scenario would be all he needs is some antibiotics to correct his kidney's. 
No photos of Eli and I here's one of the bump and hubby taken from the weekend past, which was Father's Day. 

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