18 Sep 2013

37 Weeks

  • I am now considered full term meaning if I start to go into labour anytime from now it would be safe for baby to arrive and I would be able to go home from the hospital a few hours later (given there were no complications). Can't believe we're going to have a new little person in our family soon. Really need to prepare everything else such as install the baby capsule in our car, find my breast pump and bottle steriliser, reinstall bassinet on our pram etc. 
  • Pulled out Eli's old stuff that I kept. They are mostly clothing and boy does he have a lot. I kept only the good quality items that survived Eli's wear and tear and surprised how much stuff I actually kept and in excellent condition. I think because when I first found out I was having a boy it was summer so I purchased a lot of summer clothing. So when he was born I had no winter clothing so the summer stuff never got worn when summer did come around as he out grown them. Plus Eli got so much stuff being the first that that I didn't use it all so again I have all this brand new  stuff too. So I've set up bub's dressing drawer complete with all his tiny clothes ready to go up until end of summer.
  • The cot / crib has been set up again. We decided to put it in our bedroom and surprisingly it fits? I think we could even put a chair in there so I can sit and nurse comfortably in our own bedroom. 
  • Started using the Epi-No. I am a big advocate of the device as I think it helped me not only with the impeding experience but I believe helped with inducing my labour process. Eli was 9 days early and I think this device helped speed up the process and I'm ok with giving birth earlier than my expected due date. 
  • Nervous about the impeding labour. I think I'm more nervous about this labour because the first one went so well. If I could duplicate to a tee my labour with Eli I would be so relaxed but I know each pregnancy is different and knowing my luck I'll have the complete opposite. I think cause of all the minor issues with bub and also little nagging pain my body has been experiencing this time around I'm worried it's not going to be an easy birth. 
  • My body aches especially first thing in the morning. It feels like I've done a worked out the day before. My shoulders, thighs, hips, lower back and stomach feels so sore first thing in the morning. 
  • Uncomfortable trying to sleep at night. The weight of bub forces me to sleep on my side but I can't seem to get comfortable and find myself tossing every several minutes. I also sleep semi seated because of the constant acid reflux it wakes me up sometimes. 
  • Emotions swinging from one extreme to the other. Some days I feel easily annoyed and don't really want to deal with people or make any real important decisions. Then the next day I feel extremely motivated and want to take on everything at the same time - studying, business plan, extra curricular activities for Eli - even this blog seems to have taken some priority. 
  • Emotional in an irritated way, again not like my first pregnancy. Ian use to joke that he feared I would be even more of a "bitch" when I was pregnant but I was totally not and very calm first time around. Don't get me wrong, I'm not running around telling people off, but I think its the fact that I've notice how things easily irritate me lately to the point I'm complaining to Ian about it and sometimes get teary over it. The hormones have definitely taken over.  
  • Change in taste buds. Lately, if I cook a meal I don't feel like eating it once its done. If we opt to get something I don't want anything in particular. When we do decide on a cuisine I keep changing my order and when it arrives I don't feel like I want it anymore.  
  • So my midwife recommended / mentioned a herbal option to assist with preparing the uterus for labour called Raspberry Leaf Tea. You can take it in tea form however may need to take 4-5 cups a day to gain any benefit from it. Or take it in a form of a tablet any may only need to take 1-2 depending on the dosage for each tablet. I was really skeptical when we were discussing it last week as I never used any "herbal" assistance during my last pregnancy and it turned out perfectly, but I've been doing some research educating myself and I've decided to take it.    

We've given up trying to take photos with Eli, he just doesn't want to cooperate and the exercise is more stressful than fun. And when a child's not happy to smile in front of the camera ... well none of your shots look good. So here's some progress shots of me. 

I'm massive!! ... Ok baby is massive!!

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