21 Sep 2013

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today Ian and I were at a port in Crete catching a ferry to Santorini. I can't believe that was a year ago today? Who would've thought a year later I'd be 37 weeks pregnant?

I'm still yet to finish documenting in here every adventure we had during our big European holiday. I'll finish it one day ...

In the mean time this is the review I posted on TA of Aliko Suites, our home in Santorini for the four nights we were there. 

Firstly, I can’t rave enough about how much we loved staying at Aliko. Leading up to our European holiday and researching where we wanted to stay in Santorini we knew prices were going to be expensive if we wanted to stay somewhere with a view and our own pool or jacuzzi (those were the room requirements we had in selecting a where to stay). We looked at all the larger hotels and compared reviews on TA and noticed there were some mixed reviews. We didn’t want to spend 300E+ a night and be disappointed. 

We then found a review on Aliko on TA. I loved the fact that it’s not a large chain and that there are only two rooms available therefore intimate and never crowded. 

The booking process was seamless and communication from the host Katerina was exceptional. She coordinated transfers, tours in advance, answered all question we had and asked us questions to make our up coming stay comfortable. 

When we arrived in Santorini our ferry transfer took us straight to the accommodation where Nick greeted us and took our bags down to our suite. We finally met Katerina who showed us our lovely enormous suite, explained facilities of the room, how to use the mobile phone, laptop and left us to unwind. There was fruit and champagne on arrival and straight away we jump in the jacuzzi, some wine and take in the view. A summary of main key points of Aliko:
  • We stayed in the Deluxe Room
  • Amazing location! Perched on the hill side of the Caldera.
  • We did book the smaller suite between the two but its not small by any mean. It was very spacious more like a one bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, lounge area, dining area, desk and powder area too. There’s the amazing balcony, outdoor seating and eating area.
  • Room was equipped with modern fixtures, tv, free internet and wifi which was included with price, however we could not get our mobile devices to connect to the wifi. Room has air conditioning, kitchen stocked with cooking utensils. 
  • Accommodation was walking distance to Fira, about 1.5-2km each way. We didn’t mind the walk for the exercise, photo opportunities, checking out local vendors and restaurants and site seeing.
  • Room was serviced all day. We actually started to feel bad because we’d make a little mess and when we returned it was cleaned for us. Rooms and bathroom were always spotless upon return.
  • The breakfast service every morning was a great way to start the day. Day before Katerina would confirm what we would like to have for breakfast and what time. She would quietly bring the food and leave outside on our balcony table every morning. 
  • Jacuzzi was amazing and could accommodate probably 4-6 people in it. It is heated so you can use it at night, however they suggest not to use the spa feature after 8pm due to the noise. 
  • Lots of places to sit and relax whether inside or outside, you can find a spot to just relax.
  • Kitchen fridge is stocked with food however you do have to pay for items consumed. 
  • Bathroom did not have an exhaust so room would fog up when using the hot water
This property made our stay at Santorini not only luxurious but relaxing and one we will never forget. As much as we wanted to see parts of Santorini we were also very content just staying in our suite taking in the serenity of the view. if we return to Santorini we will definitely be back at Aliko.

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