29 Sep 2013

Updated Blog Roll

Firstly, you may have noticed I've added some Follow Me options on the right. You can now follow me on other social media platforms and or be updated when there's a new post on the blog. You can follow me via Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. As well as subscribe to updates to this blog via Bloglovin'  

I've now updated my Blog Roll. My additions ...

Daily Reads
  • Caitlin from Mother Down Under. American expat who documents her family life, food recipes and tips on clean living.
  • Karen from Art of Nothing. Those who do know me personally would know my baby sister and her husband recently moved overseas. This blog documents and captures their adventures in the UK and elsewhere they travel to.   
  • Sarah from Bump, Baby C & Me. An expecting mummy to be based in UK. Our pregnancy due dates are closely similar so I love reading what someone else in my shoes is experiencing at the same time.
  • Sonia from Life Love & Hiccups. I love her writing style and overall "tone" of her blog - right mix of personal, product reviews and discussion posts. 
  • Matt from Daddy Down Under. Parenting and life experiences from a humorous stay at home dad's perspective.
  • Neil from Quick Sprout. Business blog of a successful American entrepreneur. Ignore all the ads and pop ups and his business tips are very insightful and useful. I've already gotten so much from the several posts I've clicked on, admittedly I relate more to his older "how to start a business successfully" posts than the newer posts.
  • Oozos. Online store for kids clothing. I love to shop online, its worst now with kids cause I shop more for them than me. They also have a great little blog for fashion inspiration.
  • Ripe Journal. Foodie blog by Roslyn who documents her culinary adventures with honest reviews and beautiful pictures.

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