1 Oct 2013

Malachi's Birth Story

Sunday, 22nd September 2013

Around 3pm I started feeling those period cramp pains in my stomach again. I figured they were braxton hicks contractions because I was getting them throughout my third trimester, especially after our little scare.

I told Ian I was starting to feel some pain and we joked that this could be it. He must have not taken the joke so lightly because that afternoon he started doing the stuff he was yet to do for the baby. He installed the baby capsule in the car, put fresh sheets on the cot, swapped the pram back to the bassinet and began packing his hospital bag.

That day the rest of the family were coming over for dinner. I was craving a good pork roast so my brother in law agreed to cook it for me. Family started arriving at 4pm and we told them I was feeling some contractions at that moment. Again we joked about how tonight could be the night but all agreed baby can't come until after we have some roast port. Cooking and not spoiling a roast takes time so it was 8pm by the time we dished up dinner.

During dinner I sat through strong contractions. Stopping between bites of sweet pumpkin as the waves of contractions got stronger. Admittedly I couldn't finish my meal and reluctantly had to off load the rest of my pork crackling to my sister. I went to our bedroom and tried to rest or sleep off some of the pain. By this point I had already started timing my contractions and the time between each one were inconsistent. Sometimes they were 7 minutes apart, sometimes 4, sometimes 9 - to me, although the contractions were painful was not an indicator to head to the hospital just yet. I didn't want to get there and be told to go home so I rode it out.

By 9pm my sister came into the bedroom and was giving me back rubs to help ease some of the lower back pain I was feeling. The contractions were extremely painful at this point. I recall the contractions I had with Eli I could breath through them but this time around I would tense up my whole body when I would get a contraction. I remember saying out loud "make it stop!" it was so painful.

By 9:20 Ian and my mum forced me to agree to head over to the hospital. But before we leave I wanted to go to the bathroom first. I had been emptying my bowls all afternoon. Ian watched over me as I sat on the toilet and suddenly we both heard something pop. I thought it was my plug because we literally heard a pop sound, however a midwife told me later that it was most likely the sound of my water breaking. I said to Ian "I think that was my plug" and he started getting mad at me. I think because he had been suggesting we go to the hospital for a few hours now and I'd been too stubborn to agree.

Suddenly I felt the urge to push and again told Ian what I was feeling. By now he was furious and was calling the ambulance. I decided to get off the toilet just in case I do give birth. My sister came into the bathroom and helped hold me up. I remember saying to her "I feel like pushing ... the baby's coming!". I think she suggested to remove my pants, either way she was helping me remove my tights at this point.

I felt another contraction and wave to push so I did. I was probably screaming during my contractions cause family told me I was at one point, scaring Eli ... although I don't remember. I do remember saying again to my sister "It's coming! it's coming! ... I'm scared."  

Suddenly fear and horrible thoughts entered my mind. I feared the worst and that I could lose the baby at this point. I remember my sister encouraging me to relax and reminding me I can do this and I pulled my thoughts back together.

I felt another contraction and wave to push so I did and I knew the head was out so I announced it. My mum came back into the bathroom and confirmed it. I think she even tried to push the head back in which angered me of course. My mum ran out and went to find Ian and give him the update. 

My dad comes into the bathroom, and yells "Camielle! The head is out!" Ian came into the bathroom. I said out loud to whoever was listening "You have to help me deliver this baby. You have to help me."

I felt another contraction and wave to push so I did and my dad pulled him out. I looked down and in my dad's hands was a not so tiny blue and slimy baby. A second later the baby started crying, "Thank God" I thought.

My sister in law ran into the bathroom with her iphone in her hand and the emergency help line on speaker as we all tried to hear what the lady was saying over the phone. But a second later two paramedics walk through the bedroom and they take over at this point.

They asked Ian if he wanted to cut the cord so he did, we wrapped the baby in towels and proceeded with some skin to skin action. I was still getting contractions and I knew this was because I still needed to deliver the placenta. So they loaded me, Ian and my mum onto the ambulance and proceeded to Westmead Hospital. 

There the midwife assisted in delivering the placenta, weighed the baby, administered the first round of immunisation shots and completed appropriate paper work. Being on the case load program I knew I wasn't going to be at the hospital for very long. She asked if I wanted to stay until the morning or leave that night? I opted to leave that evening so by 2am we were discharged from the hospital and headed home with our new baby.  

So there you have it my Malachi's (Kai, for short) birth story. 

It's not a very long story as the whole thing from start to finish only lasted a few minutes. Ian thinks it happened all in the span of 3-5 minutes and I probably would agree. Some of the funny moments that I can remember include:
  • My brother in law running into the bedroom with a bucket of warm water after I had given birth. Not sure what it was for maybe he thought we were going for a water birth, either way I'm sure he was trying to be as helpful as he possibly could. 
  • While talking to the emergency help line the lady instructed us to cover the baby in a towel. So there were five people saying out loud to each other "Towels! We need towels" and no one actually going to get one. Because I was standing up by the bathroom door and we had towels hanging behind the door I ended up grabbed one and handed it to whoever had the baby. Then seconds later my brother in law rocks up with like eight towels in his hands. 
  • My mum pacing back and forth between the bathroom and where ever she went to. I guess she was scared or nervous - I know she doesn't handle high stress situations very well. Mind you she's one of my "support people" at delivery.
  • My sister in law's face the whole time. I think I may have freaked her out of ever having babies. But in my defence I just demonstrated how quickly the whole delivery process thing can be done .. heeheee 
Sunday night family dinners will never be the same again.

It's pretty cool how we all have a special bond with this little guy. How many people can say they helped deliver their son, grandson or nephew at home? I'm so grateful of the outcome, grateful for my family for coming together and getting through this experience and mostly grateful God has blessed us with another healthy and beautiful baby boy.

Ambulance and paramedics arriving at our home seconds after I had given birth ... that's me riding at the back

At the hospital. Baby Kai getting getting checked, measured, weighed and immunised by the midwife.

Very proud parents

Very proud kuya

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