26 Oct 2013

First Monthaversary

Last Tuesday was Kai's one monthaversary from when he was born. We started a tradition during Eli's first year, that would only be fair that we continued with Kai, and that is to get all our family over for dinner and cut a monthaversay cake.

This first month to be honest, felt slow. There were days when I felt it was a lot later in the week then it actually was. I believe its a symptom of that newborn "haze" that most mothers (and some fathers) experience during the first couple of weeks with a baby.  

Although I've been here before and I know what to potentially expect there have been some surprises. I've mentioned previously Kai pretty much sleeps all day. He only ever wakes for feeds or cries when his nappy is full. We don't need to put him in a special position to get him to sleep for long periods of time or have to hold him to get him to fall asleep he just does.

He eats regularly and a lot, so for this guy that means there is vomiting, spitting and hiccups. After every feed he requires burping, expect some spitting and if he doesn't fall asleep first, there will be some hiccups too. What this also means is he goes through 2-3 outfit changes a day from the amount of spitting and vomiting. I'll know when he needs to be burped some more because he'll do these weird grunting noise and arches his body. And burping him takes several minutes unlike Eli who never needed to be burped after every meal.

Another thing I've noticed is the recovery on my body has drawn out longer this time around. I did feel fine when I left the hospital but I think once the high from the hormones subsided I started to feel the aches and pains from the delivery. I don't recall feeling as sore and weak first time around. But without sounding overly confident my belly seems to have shrunk back so much faster this time around and without any effort. Don't get me wrong, when I jump on the scales I can see I'm no where near back to my pre pregnancy weight but I seem to be able to fit into my old jeans again.

I'm not as exhausted. I thought maybe waking up constantly at night would tire me out but surprisingly it isn't impacting me as much as I thought it would. I guess it helps that Eli still doesn't sleep through the night so I'm still use to getting woken up at some point at night.

I'm more confident. Obviously being the second time at this parenting business we've learnt a thing or two about raising a child. We're not as lost, don't over analyse and or freak out when our newborn does something unfamiliar. We are more sure of ourselves, we trust our own instincts and educated on a few things to be confident about our decisions and or avoid certain things this time around. We've ventured out of the house several times even going to restaurants as a family. Don't get me wrong when we're there I wonder why we even bothered as it can be stressful especially with a toddler. But my attitude towards the situation is although it's difficult now, next time its going to get easier.

Welcome to the family again baby Kai, we love you so much and happy 1 monthaversary.

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