5 Oct 2013

Me (& Girlfriends) Time

A few weeks ago ... actually the day before I gave birth, I had the pleasure of not having a toddler in tow and not have to scoff down breakfast as quickly as possible. I was joined by my dearest friends and as always, it was great to catch up with everyone. We get so bogged down with work, our own families, busy weekends and everyday life that its hard to regularly catch up with friends, especially when there's a big group of you. So I was very touched that most of them could attend my little breakfast before baby number 2.

We had breakfast at the lovely Deckhouse at Woolwich. It was right by the water with amazing views of the Sydney harbour. I can see why this spot is very popular for weddings and events, truly a beautiful location.

As I went through the photos taken from that morning I realised I've got some pretty amazing friends whom I've known for several years now, some as long as 18 years. I've shared some wonderful memories, life long experiences, interesting adventures and deep secrets with these women. They're like an extension of my family, they're sisters to me.

Thank you ladies for joining me for breakfast, for all the laughs and continued years of friendship.

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