17 Mar 2014

10 Useful Gifts to Give First Time Mums

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is having babies? I thought last year there were so many babies born, mine included, but this year is fairing up to be more baby booming than the last.

Babies usually also mean baby showers and I love celebrating the up coming arrival of a new bub. I don't know if it's all the oestrogen but there's just so much love in the room. The day is usually filled with quirky games, delicious bite size foods and adorable gifts for bub. 

When it comes to gift giving sometimes its hard to know what to get the mother to be. Having two bubs myself I've unravelled what one really needs in preparation for her new baby. Besides the obvious items such as a cot, stroller, car seat etc I've compiled a list of my top 10 useful things to give a first time mum.

1. Baby Wipes. Not only are they used to wipe dirty bottoms but be used to clean your hands before you touch your baby, rub off the vomit your baby just made on your shirt, wipe down a toy you dropped on the floor  ... the list goes on. A mother can never have enough of this muti purpose item

2. Nappies. A newborn goes through 6-8 nappies a day. Nappies will definitely be used and appreciated. A lot of people opt to getting newborn nappies, however some babies quickly out grow this size. If you know the gender of the expected baby you could gift the next size up nappies, so that mother to be is not bombarded with so many of the same size.

3. Wraps. After leaving the hospital with Eli the one thing I felt totally confused about was how to wrap him. Every midwife who came into my room at the hospital taught me a different way which totally confused me. Wraps like the Love to Swaddle or Ergo range helps keep baby snug and warm without the headache of trying to learn a wrapping technique. 

4. Breast Pads. Mothers tend to go through a lot of these soft cotton pads especially once their milk comes in. They can be very expensive so its a gift option that a new breastfeeding mom will definitely need.

5. Bottles and Teats. Baby bottles are always a great gift but the mother to be is going to need an array of teats to cater for milk flow. As a newborn your baby will need teats that only have one hole but as they get older and demand a stronger flow, teats with more holes need to be purchased to accommodate baby's needs.

6. Bottle Steriliser. New born babies need their bottles and any item that will make contact with their mouth or food source sterilised. Their tummies are very sensitive at first and does not have the maturity yet to fight the bugs associated with everyday germs. There are various types of microwaveable and electric steriliser options available. Either option does the same job effectively, it's just a matter of preference. However, I opted for a steriliser that does not take too long to sterilise.

7. Towels. Baby towels are an item most people totally forget about. Sure you could use the same towels you have at home but you have this new baby with soft delicate skin. You don't want to use the same towels you have at home that's been used and abused. What I love about baby towels is that there is usually a hoodie on one corner so you can cover the baby's head, which will keep them warm.

8. Breast Pump. I breastfed my babies and yes it's the best and easiest source of food for my babies. It meant however, my babies were like a ball and chain. Unable to be away too far or too long for feeds. Sure the first few weeks or months are doable, but life moves on and you will be freed from house arrest one day. Until your baby is on formula or solids you still need to provide sustenance to your baby while you escape for a few hours. A breast pump allows a mother to express milk for when she's away from her baby. I have used a hand pump before but I was exerting all this effort and time to produce so little milk. I then decided to invested in a decent electric pump and it has saved me my sanity. It does the job so much more efficiently than if you did it manually and I was getting more milk in a fraction of the time. 

9. Bottle Drying Rack. Once baby bottles have been washed and sterilised you need to let them dry somewhere. And like my household there isn't a lot of sink space for all our dishes and baby's bottles. A drying rack is really handy as it allows mothers to allocate a space for drying baby's bottles and teats.

10. Baby Carrier. Newborns love to be physically close to their mothers and or be held. However we all know we cant carry our precious babies all day everyday. Carriers or slings are available to allow mothers (and fathers) to still hold their baby handsfree. They're useful when your baby wants to be held but you need to get some house chores done or an alternative to lugging around a stroller when you're out.

So these are my top ten items I found useful when I first became a mother. Some items I identified as something I needed, but some I only discovered when I was in the thick of newborn parenting.

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