3 Mar 2014

The Blogging Rut

A few friends have mentioned to me they've been keeping up with my blog and I love hearing that kind of feedback. Admittedly it's kinda weird too, but encouraging none the less. Believe it or not, I put a lot of thought into my post and it's content. I double guess myself a million times, I add more content, I remove, I work on it even when I should be sleeping, I get it peer reviewed, I think about timing and then I double guess the whole post all over again. 

Some feedback I got was that I should post more often. Oh how I wish I could. There's so much I could write about on various topics but the bottom line is I don't have the luxury of time. Here are the main reasons why I don't get to blog as frequently as I would like to ...
  • The boys consume all my time. Just today as an example Kai woke up at 6am and only finally fell sound asleep at 11am. Now I need to start preparing Eli and I's lunch. Then get him ready for his afternoon nap and I'm sure Kai will wake up just in time to double team on consuming any free "me time" I have. 
  • There's no silence in the house to think. If I do manage to get both kids occupied allowing me probably max 30 minutes to get on the laptop, there's too much noise to allow me to gather my thoughts. There will probably be some loud banging or music in the background or "Mummy, I want milk" or "Mummy, I do a poo poo." Then when they've noticed my attention isn't on them they'll climb up onto me and distract me from what I'm doing anyways.
  • During the small periods of time I do get online, social media, emails, for me SMH and other blogs I follow also fight for my time on the world wide web. 
  • The house wont clean itself, the washing needs doing, meals needs to be made ... the list goes on. Over the years I've come to realise I have a little OCD with keeping the house clean. Maybe its habit but I have a list of chores I like to get through at least once a week. 
  • I try and do some form of exercise when I can squeeze the time. For years I've used workout videos (goodness, that technology doesn't even exist why am I even referencing it) to help keep fit. If I can get through a workout without any interruptions is a good day for me. 
  • Trying to finish my course. I have a little under 5 months to finish it and I hate doing things last minute. 

Sometimes I see blogging as a form of procrastination as it can take up so much of your time but the benefits are minimal, if anything. So when someone says they've read my recent post or checked out my blog or give me some positive comments. Excuse my surprised look cause I am honestly surprised but, I'm also cheering on the inside, cause its welcoming to see that the work I put into this small little space of mine isn't all in vain. 

How do you keep motivated to blog regularly if you are time pressed?
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