27 Mar 2014

The Family Dynamics .. 6 Months On

It's been six months since our little family of three became a four. Logically to me we're still a little family. When I say little I mean it's because we're all so young. When I say young I mean because we have two very young children and Ian and I are still "young" at this whole parenting gig.

We've only been a family of four for six months but it feels a lot longer sometimes. Then sometimes I watch my boys and think when did they grow this big. How did six months fly pass me?

I just look at Eli and his growth amazes me. Yes, he's no longer a baby. In my eyes he "grew up" the moment I came home from the hospital with Kai. 

He talks back to me and bosses me around like an adult that's for sure. Sometimes in public when he's throwing one of his tantrums and telling me off I wonder what other people must be thinking. The judgement on my child, my parenting, what they would do if they were in my situation. But I understand he's just trying to communicate the best way he. 

So obviously Eli is very vocal. He talks a lot, he's very easy to speak to and he understands .. a lot. He's one smart cookie. 

Eli loves music. He loves Bruno Mars, he loves the new drum kit his lolo got him and he has an ear for music and rhythm. Whenever we're in the car the radio has to be on and when he hears a song he likes he'll say "turn up the musics" 

Eli is more self sufficient which is great especially since Kai needs me more now. I can leave him alone to his own and he'll roam back and forth the house entertaining himself somehow. Whether it's with his train set, ipad, crayons or drum sticks he'll find something to do for a few minutes then moves on. 

He's no longer crying at childcare drop off's nor saying he doesn't want to go. He confidently uses the toilet on his own sometimes refusing any help with number two's, and he hates washing his hands. I think he may be ready to drop the afternoon nap as he hasn't really been taking it the past several days and if he does it's really short and late in the day. 

Kai, well those first six months flew. At his six monthaversary date we unintentionally planned his dedication day. Will do a post and share some photos when I get them. 

Kai is growing so quickly. And what I mean by growing is he's ... growing. He's a nugget. A solid, heavy, squishy baby. We've started giving him some food even before he was  months only because he seemed ready for more than just my milk. Any food near his mouth is subjected to his attempts to lung forward or pull it towards his mouth. 

Kai's an observer. Always looking up or down or over to the side. He smiles at those who attempt to make him laugh. He cries when I'm physically too far away from him, even if its to grab something from the other side of the room. He's walking aided by a walker. He rolls from the front of the house to the back and into every room he can squeeze into. He makes this funny grunting gurgling noise. He gravitates to his kuya, he does no wrong in his eyes. He still needs assistance to fall sleep, which is weighing us down now. We can't continue with this behaviour for too much longer its not feasible. His hair is growing but he's also still losing some as well. He's finally rolling from his front to his back but unintentionally. He usually achieves this when he's had enough of tummy time and arches his back in annoyance and surprises himself with rolling over to his front. Kai has eczema mostly around his neck. I think it's from all the drooling he does. He has beautiful eyes that smile and long girly eye lashes. 

I'm starting to give myself some priority again. I allow myself to be completely childless for a few hours at least once a week. I'm starting to feel motivated again about ... everything. I've even signed up to a box ... more on that ... one day. 

It's getting a little ... trickier raising the boys. They both demand me and challenge me in different ways. Eli's increasing inquizitiviness to question and test everything and nurturing Kai's development ensuring we're as attentive and allowing him to flourish.

It's been busy around the house too. With events to keep our weekends occupied, a few home improvements with Ian's investment property and little projects here and there its no wonder that these past few months seemed to have flown by. 

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