2 Mar 2014

February Review

This month was pretty quiet for us. We barely left the house for a number of reasons but mostly because we've been struggling to get Kai to take his day naps. Getting him to sleep is such a long and dragged out process. There's not one technique that gets him to sleep. Every nap time is an unknown battle .... Anyways, I'll save that for another post.

This month I participated in Fat Mum Slim's monthly Photo a Day challenge. I tried to take a photo of the daily prompt but admittedly it was actually quite hard. 

Below are some of my favourites ...
Trust me to choose images taken on holiday's I've previously been on ...
  • 3. Sunset - Taken during our last Maui sunset last year. I love being at parts of the world where you can sit back and watch the sun fading down the horizon. 
  • 7. Utensil - When Ian and I went to Paris in 2011 we spent a week there and even though it's not nearly enough time to spend at this beautiful city we did want to mix it up a bit by doing a cooking class. We figured surely you got to take a French macaron cooking class while you're in Pari'e. 
  • 8. Water - Part of our honeymoon back in 2009 was staying a few nights in Palawan Philippines. This place is so peaceful and hardly touched back then. I first discovered this place existed when I watched an episode of The Amazing Race. 
  • 9. Detail - The Eiffel Tower up close and in detail. 
  • 13. Perfect - Santorini is such a magical place. It's postcard perfect and I hope one day I'll get to visit this place again. I recall two couples sharing an apartment / condo next to us whom we chatted to and learnt that this was their second time to Santorini and they had booked themselves there for fifteen nights. At first I thought that's a lot of time to be at one place but I soon discovered why. It's so ... relaxing. I could literally stare at the view all day. We were lucky to stay in a place where we had our own pool so when it got too hot you could take a dip or stay in doors and take a nap. People talk about how beautiful this place is and it is. But for me its the one place I felt really really relaxed and completely content to do nothing at all.  
  • 26. Light - Our first day in Hong Kong we arrived at our hotel at 6pm and remember rushing to find Aqua Restaurant as we had reservations at 7pm. This was the amazing view of the city skyline with front row seats to the daily light show display.
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