10 Jun 2014

Being Supermum

We hear mums being liken to superwoman. When I hear people call me one I take it as a compliment.

But since becoming a mother and now that my kids are becoming more mobile and adventurous I think I have acquired some abilities such as ...

Super Speed. Sometimes my husband teases me that I'm uncoordinated and one of the reasons why I actually took up sports in my twenties. I wanted to work on improving my slow reflexes and my "unco-ness". Since having children though my reflexes seemed to have sharpened considerably. Now I seem to be able to catch that plate before it shatters on the ground; grab my child out of the way before he is kicked in the face by another kid on the swing; or be quick enough to run from the other side of the room to the other to grab some sharp object just inches before a pair of tiny hands get to them.

Super Hearing. Since becoming a mum I seemed to have developed the ability to hear between walls. I'm always listening to gauge what my kids are doing, especially the eldest one. He's learnt that he can get away with doing things he likes if I can't see him. So now when he hides in his bedroom and closes the door I he's probably up to something. If the house is too quiet you can guarantee he's up to his cheekiness.

Super Strength. I have no body strength and probably the last person family would ask to help carry anything heavy. But despite this when I really needed to, I seem to be able to carry both kids at the same time. I'll make stupid decision, (which didn't seem stupid at the time) like not take the pram into the shops so I'm left carrying a 10kg baby, baby bag, 2-3 bags of groceries and keeping an active toddler close by.

Super Vision. I'm actually very bling without my contacts or glasses on but when I'm supermum I seem to be able to find that one object my child really wants but can't find .. even if it's right in front of them.

All super hero comes have their kryptonite and of course mine are my boys. No matter how much stronger mentally or physically they make me, they also make my heart softer. There's been too many times I've threaten the time out corner and didn't follow through; and I repeat "this is the last time" or "I'm only asking you once more" too often. Eli knows just the right time to say "you're my bestest friend" or "I love you sooo much" to his advantage. Kai knows when to hug a little tighter or pull his sad face so I won't put him down and he knows his deep stares entrances me and I live for his smiles. These boys are my kryptonite. 

What super powers have you acquired since you became a parent?
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