12 Jun 2014

My Child Magazine

Having a child and being a parent is one of those things in life that changes you and your life forever so the fear, excitement and unknown can be overwhelming.  I wanted to know what was happening to my body at various stages of my pregnancy, understand the labour process and educate myself on trying to understand my newborn once he arrives. I wanted to research and take in as much information as I could from various sources.

I asked my friends about their experiences, I googled and purchased books on certain topics. Another great source of information was parenting magazines. Although I've I've passed the newborn, new parenting phase, I still gravitate to these magazines. They're always filled with a range of information, products and resources. 

But what I love most about parenting magazines were the feature articles. I enjoy an article that challenges my thinking and or opens my eyes to other forms of parenting and nurturing or educates me on something I didn't know before.

I've recently discovered My Child Magazine (although they have been around since 2006) and I love trolling through every page. My Child Magazine was created by Lise Taylor who, like all new mums wanted to be around for the first few years of her son's life. So utilising her 20 years of magazine editorial experience created My Child Magazine. Previously the magazine was printed quarterly but just this month moved to a monthly digital format.

What I love about this magazine is firstly, it's FREE ... I don't even need to explain why that's a bonus. Secondly, its in a digital format and those who know me personally know how pro-digital anti-paper I am; and I could go on and on about the benefits of having paper based information digitally. I even have this brilliant electronic receipt idea that I think AusPost is starting to roll out ... I knew I should've patent my idea .. but anyway I digress ...

I could go on about the quality of the articles published, products advertised and range of content this magazine covers but I'm going to be a bit of a geek and talk about the technology aspects that impressed me about this magazine. My background is IT (information technology), in particular systems and impacts to end users; and this magazine has really took that into consideration.

Every advertisement or product or company that is mentioned on this magazine has a (hyper) link already set up so that once you click on it you are taken to that company's website. No more writing the link down or trying to search for the company yourself on google, My Child Magazine has included the link for you.

The front cover and contents page has hyper links too so you can jump straight to the articles or sections you want to read now instead of clicking through every page or trying to find it via thumbnails. 

If you want to see how awesome this magazine is check out the June issue here. I highly recommend joining their subscription so you know when their latest issue is out, issued their newsletter as well as be informed about competitions and special offers. 

Finally a parenting magazine that's available online and for free!! 

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