4 Jun 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

The past couple of years Sydney has held the annual Vivid Lights Festival. It's a free event show casing lights, music, exhibitions and installations set up in various parts of town.

We decided to make a weekend out of it so that we didn't feel pressed to see everything as quickly as possible plus having two young children we factored in the unexpected.

First night we checked out the lights and installations at Martin Place. I personally liked the Urban Tree Project projection on the MLC building. Shortly after we arrived it started raining so we dashed back to our apartment. See what I mean by the unexpected? It didn't rain very long however when we did decide it was safe to venture out again Kai was asleep.

The following night we headed over to Circular Quay to see the light show against the Opera House and the MCA building; as well as other light exhibitions and installations they set up around that area. It actually didn't rain that whole day although it was forecasted to; and being a weekend it was no surprise the place was packed with families enjoying the festival. I once heard someone say that the purpose of Vivid was to get people coming into town during the winter season. That sure sums the festival alright .. crowded. It felt like New Year's Eve with the amount of people every where all edging to the water to watch lights projected onto some of our city's key monuments. The council did close a big part of George Street to make it more pedestrian friendly. 

Overall the light shows were pretty cool but it did freak Eli out a bit and Kai, well slept through most of it. Great way to get the whole family out and enjoy the city in the evening. 

Below some photos we took. We didn't bring a fancy camera or stand with us cause we're already holding two very important equipment each (the kids) so shots don't do the lights any justice ...
If you're in Sydney definitely worth checking out but its only on until June 9. For more information check out the Official Vivid Website.

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