8 Aug 2013

Back to Reality

We're back!! *sad face*

Those two and half weeks flew. I think its so much more depressing coming back from holidays when you have your own family. You get so much more joy seeing your children faces enjoying themselves and experiencing things for the first time. Yes I'm not working at the moment but if I was, I doubt I'd be excited to return to any job. 

We had such a great time especially being able to celebrate Eli's 2nd birthday in Hawaii.

We've still been celebrating his birthday even after we arrived. He's so loved. One of the reasons why I haven't even began documenting our experiences. We've been catching up with family, friends and his God parents.

Jet lag seems to hit you more with age or pregnancy, although Ian feels as tired as I do. Then there's the unpacking, washing, ironing and cleaning. I've finally got the house back in order this morning.

So once I've rested I will start the process of documenting our little overseas adventure.
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