30 Aug 2013

Brain Freeze

Tonight I'm writing up a Business Plan. When I first opened the document template 8 months ago and skimmed through the headings I thought 'oh looks very similar to a project plan ok' and closed the template.

As I start to complete the business plan and being away from that mindset and practice for over 10 months I'm actually struggling to put sentences together. I'm finding it hard to come up with answers and forgetting the typical "businessy fluff" that you always put in one of these documents.  

Your brain really is like a mussel.  You need to work it out regularly and work out different components. It needs more than Words with Friends or Four Pics One Word for stimulation. 

I'm realising you can't take for granted the "stuff" you did 38 hours a week because when you remove yourself from that repetitive work for several months (or for some, years) you actually start to forget or lose your knack.

Any suggestions to get this mummy brain back to prime shape?
Do you do any exercises or play any games / apps to challenge your brain?    

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