27 Aug 2013

Gen-Y Mum Meme

Came home from doing the groceries this afternoon. I unloaded the car, got Eli inside the house and proceeded to "air out" the house, i.e open the sliding door.

Once inside Eli instantly starts making a racket - he's obsessed with drums at the moment. He's found the maracas he left in the hall way from when I said we're going to the shops, and started to bang them loudly against our bin. Our internal bins are kept next to our table bench.

I yelled out to him very loudly "STOP MAKING THAT NOISE!!!" ... he stopped.

I grabbed the laundry basket so I can get the washing from the line. I step outside and a few seconds later I hear "Cam?!!" it's a friend who's at a neighbours place. 

Friend: "Sounds like Eli's in trouble
Me: *Wants to hide under a rock*

Has anyone else been caught in a candid compromising parenting moment?
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