23 Aug 2013

The Royal Hawaiian

We stayed in Honolulu for our first three nights in Hawaii so we could give Eli a break from flying and a chance to adjust. So the first three nights we had to stay somewhere and that somewhere was at The Royal Hawaiian at Waikiki.

It was really hard deciding on a place to stay in Hawaii because every place was just expensive at that time of the year which was their summer break season or the places I did want to stay at were booked out for the dates we needed or I was turned off by the cheesy hawaiian decor that a lot of apartments had.

Another factor that impacted me greatly was how much walking was going to be required to get out and see most places. I really wanted us to be in the heart of the Waikiki in our first leg so we can get our bearings via foot and stroller without being too far from our accommodation.

In the end I decided on The Royal Hawaiian based on the positive reviews on TA. Here's the review I posted up:

We stayed in Room 558.

  • Great location along Waikiki. The hotel had direct access to the beach and along a good part of Waikiki beach. There is also access directly to The Royal Hawaii Centre shopping mall.
  • Being a hotel guest at the Royal you could also access the public facilities of The Sheraton next door. We utilized their pools as we had a two year old toddler with us.
  • Hotel is close to lots of restaurants, shops and easily accessible to all forms of public transport.
  • Very clean rooms which are serviced regularly throughout the day. Once during the day to clean room, replenish towels and change sheets, (if required) and again in the evening for turn down service.
  • Staff were very polite and helpful whenever asked a question.
  • You can tell it is all about the “details” at the Royal. For example the free bottles of water provided everyday, free banana bread left in the room at check in, coffee facilities replenished when used, the cleanliness of the rooms when serviced and the turn down service.
  • Liked how the fridges were kept empty so guest can fill it with what they want not a stocked bar fridge that wont be used.
  • Very comfy bed. My son was content to stay on the bed all day and would just fall asleep randomly.
  • Wifi was included with daily resort fee, finally a hotel that includes internet connection instead of charging it separately. We could connect all our wifi friendly devices onto the wifi.
  • Bathroom was very small and had no vents so would fog easily when taking warm showers or smells when someone dropped a smelly one.
  • Air conditioner was very loud when it was on and also needs a good clean, it was very dusty.
  • Bathroom shower corners had mold needed a good clean.
  • We had a stroller with us and although there are wheel chair access throughout the hotel where they were located is not very easily seen or was located at the other side of the hotel.
  • Very expensive. The rooms are clean, somewhat modern, good facilities and right by the beach. I guess that is what you’re paying for but for the price I guess I expected a little bit more.
  • A daily fee to use two beach umbrellas and a table. Fortunately we only went to the beach once while we were staying here. 
  • Food service at the beach ceases at 3pm if you want to order food or drinks you need to go and order and wait for food at the bar. 
Overall a pleasant stay at The Royal Hawaiian. If we come back to Waikiki I'd probably look for accommodation that can cater for families and has apartment facilities. Also we've realised the street blocks aren't that big so you are still in the heart of the strip if you stay a few streets away from the beach anyways. 

 Our Room

  Beach access right outside the lobby
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