21 Aug 2013

Premature Contractions

On Sunday I was admitted to the hospital. That afternoon I started feeling pain on the right side of my belly. However when I’d move from my current position noticed the pain would disappear. It happened again around 5pm and by 7:30pm the pain had changed to the feeling of heavy period cramps. I started to worry because this experience was very similar to how my first pregnancy labor process started. I went to bed to try and ignore it but by 11pm I was woken up by the pain as it had moved into waves. Any woman who has given birth may know what I mean by the “waves of pain”. So I called my parents and they headed over to our place so they could look after our sleeping toddler so we could head over to the hospital.

I called the midwife and gave her an update of my situation telling her I wanted to head over to the hospital as I noticed the baby wasn’t moving as much anymore and I wanted to make sure everything was okay. During the examination they confirmed I was having contractions so the doctor checked my cervix to see if I had dilated. I hadn't which was positive because it was still to early for the baby to arrive but I did find reassurance hearing my baby‘s healthy heart beat. 

The doctor suggested I be given some drug to cease the contractions because if I continued to have them my body might think it is time for labor and begin the process naturally. 

Two hours later after taking the drug the contractions seemed to have ceased and I was able to go home.

Thankfully I haven’t felt anymore of those contraction but I still get the occasional pain but I don’t know if I’m just being a baby now because throughout my pregnancy I would get sharp pains. I guess after this experience I’m noticing any “uncomfortableness” I feel. Baby‘s movements are back to normal as well, back to doing summersaults all day and night.

On a positive note, I’m 33 weeks today!!

I know you're keen to come out little one but please wait another 4-5 weeks. You're like your mommy either very impatient and or prides in being early than late.  
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