22 May 2012


We saw the allergen specialist last week and discovered Eli has further allergies. Not only is he allergic to cows milk and eggs but also to wheat, nuts, soy and seafood. So basically he can’t eat anything … well that’s what it seems like. He’s on special formula which you can only buy with a script and he’s also seeing a dietician to assist in an eating plan.

Admittedly since last week his condition has cleared, he’s in a much better mood and I can see he is growing.

This morning I get a voice mail however advising me that his blood tests have come in and the doctor wants us to come into the office to discuss. When I spoke to the doctor I wanted to know how bad it was – I’m not waiting until this afternoon to know this information? Basically blood work came back with relatively high results to all allergies meaning if he was exposed to any of these proteins he may suffer from an epileptic shock. She talked about potentially have adrenalin (epi-pen) available for him as a precaution.

Poor Eli, he just want to be extra special (and expensive).
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