10 May 2012

Another Allergic Episode

Eli is having another allergic reaction episode. We are rattling our brains trying to figure out what could have been the trigger this time.

It started on Sunday morning. Aunty took him down stairs to play in the lounge room. He had a morning feed consisting of formula milk and he was jumping about the couch reaching and pulling on the curtains. After that we noticed a bit of redness around the face and by that evening it was around his mouth and every day since the condition has slowly gotten worse. This morning he looked like a swollen chinese baby again. His face was red, puffy. His eyes were chinky cause his face is swollen and he looked uncomfortable. We took him back to the doctors who suggested maybe it is the soy milk he is currently on and suggested we give him a diluted amount going forward until we see the allergy specialist on Tuesday.

It breaks my heart to see him in this condition. He's itchy, unsettled and overall unhappy. Because he hasn't been 100% in a long time I haven't been taking photos of him lately, I don't want any evidence of how bad his condition is.

Earlier Ian asked me "Do you think his condition would be in this current state if you were still breast feeding?" I know this all started when I stopped breast feeding. Thanks for making me feel even more like sh*t.
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