4 May 2012

Being Persistant

I'm writing this entry in my son's room which I have spent the past 3 hours in, in attempts to teach him how to put himself to sleep. Or at least be familiarised with his crib so he knows he is safe to sleep in it.

A few days ago we decided we need him to sleep in his cot more and less in our bed especially at night. Admittedly the past few weeks he has been sleeping in our bed at night because I have returned back to work and I like having him close to make up for time away. But he's getting bigger and his kicks are so much more powerful (and painful) that it is affecting our sleep.

The past two nights I've been able to get him to fall asleep in his crib and not in my arms. You don't understand the sense of achievement I felt. So today being a Friday therefore home with bub I'm also trying to get him use to sleeping on his own in his crib during the day. 

We've been at it for the past 3 hours. He's been fussing in his crib while I sit next to it in hopes he'll just give in and sleep. I know he's sleepy. I'm so tempted to put him in our bed but I know I'll be taking 3 steps back. 

"Please Eli go to bed. Mama will be here when you wake. Sleep sweetheart its time for your nap nap"
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