6 May 2012

The Problem With Someone Like Me

Someone like me who loves to plan things to the smallest detail tends to hit a planning road block. What I mean by this is a person like me gets to the point where they're over planning because you've reviewed all the information and or options to consider but still can't make a decision.  

Right now I'm a bit over planning our Europe holiday.

It has required so much more thinking, planning and research than I imagined, and this is just deciding on accommodation. I think it's because of a number of reasons:

  1. I'm picky about where I stay. It has to be clean, comfortable trimmed with all the modern extra's I've become accustomed to as a gen-y. 
  2. Close to all the action. I want to be able to step out and be amongst the main attraction or within close proximity to major sites.
  3. Within a budget. I have allocated a budget for each city and category of what we want to do, however trying to stick to it and ensuring it meets the requirements I've mentioned in 1 and 2 is proving to be difficult. 
So far we (I) have booked accommodation for Paris, Santorini and Rome. Next on the list is Florence, Crete and Ian is responsible for sorting out London. 

Maybe I should take a break from planning so then it will get me excited about it all over again. I just worry that I will miss out on accommodation that meets my requirements above if I leave it too late. Which has been the case a few times. 

So far we have booked apartments opting for  self contained accommodation as it is relatively cheaper than hotels and resort as they don't have all the frills. Here are some images of the places we'll be staying at.

 Studio apartment close to the Lurve, Paris

Our 1 bedroom loft in Rome

The place I'm looking forward to the most, Aliko Suites in Santorini

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