4 May 2012


I've been writing in this blog for several months now. I've had reservations about sharing it to anyone I know in fears of being judged therefore not writing as freely however over the last few weeks everyone I know seems to be on the blog-wagon.

No they're not blogging about being a mum but they are blogging topics, hobbies and subjects that interests them. Good on them! 

I envy their consistency and confidence to put themselves out there but mostly I envy that they know their blogdentity. They know what topic(s) interests them and they're out there writing and sharing what they're passionate about. 

I've read other blogs that are more "feelings" based - I do and I do not want to go down that route. I do want to capture how I felt at various moments especially the emotions of being a new mother but I don't want to be so open that those who do accidentally discover my blog knows intimate stories about me and my family. 

I then start to think about what I'm passionate about and nothing really comes to mind. I like to try everything at least once, I get over things quickly and I don't claim to be perfect at anything. So I thought a little harder, came up with items I like to do in my spare time and this is what I came up with:
  • Spending time with my son. Teaching and playing with him as much as I possibly can in hopes it's helping his motor skills.
  • Surf the net for anything that comes to mind - research, reviews, update myself on a current affairs
  • Online shopping and or window/screen shopping (where I look but don't buy anything) 
  • Planning and organising stuff ... if something needs planning I have the right spreadsheet and plan to tackle it. I think subconsciously I try and find things to plan so I can keep myself occupied.
  • Work out on P90X. I am now a firm believer the gyms are  a waste of money and if you have the right attitude and drive you can still work out, achieve your exercise goals without paying a monthly subscription to go a venue full of exercise equipment.
  • Pretty dresses. I love dresses and wish it was summer all year round so I could wear dresses all the time (not that weather stops me from wearing them).
  • Travel or more like exhibit travel envy. I try and see as much of the world or my country as much as I possibly can. Depending on my life and financial circumstance.
  • Cooking and following a recipe, because I value documented requirements and process.
  • Basketball, playing it not following it. 
So my blogdentiy is basically a blog about stuff that interests me from a range of topics and hobbies.
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